For Health Know Whats In It .org T-Asks Science to create 100% Toxic Free Food to Prevent BioAccumulation in  Humans of Disease-Cancer Causing Toxic Content Sign-On;
​             Educational Public Benefit Mission is advancing awareness of 
   Disease Prevention, Health, Environment, and Human Life Sustainability.
           Presenting Edutainment Events for the 50th Anniversary of the                                “Summer of Love” & EarthDay EveryDay 
  Summer of Love International, Inc. communicating “Love Not War”
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    In 1988 Summer of Love presented the USA-USSR Walk Concert in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park that ended the ground travel from NYC to SF of over 200 Soviet Citizens from many walks of life.  These Soviet travelers met Americans’ and experienced what the USA offers its citizens, going home with new perceptions and enthusiasm.                          Ron Frazier

  In 1987 Summer of Love presented the 20th Anniversary 1967-1987 in Golden Gate Park’s Polo Field, receiving one of the Thank You letters from the San Francisco Food Bank for Summer of Love’s Public Benefit free for the public concert events that heightened Food Bank exposure and donations.                                                                     Ron Frazier

 In 2017 for the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love celebrate but let us remember in the principle of Love Not War - Go Beyond In Life-Sustaining Peace as understood in 1967, that in 2017 we all can support technological advances and their uses to remain in humanitarian aware hands!      Ron Frazier,  Summer of Love International, Inc 
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Know Whats In It .org Bio-Accumulation Awareness Campaign
.Hope and Beyond™ Projects’ - EarthDay EveryDay initiated on April 22nd 2017 the ongoing student & multi-generational public benefit Action-Petition project “” to be presented online starting on May 29th Memorial Day, As a Spring through Summer Public Benefit Awareness Project in association with Summer of Love – International to startup the process of consumers as Change Makers United .org market place creators and sustainers. T-Asking Science as a change maker for the development of 100% human health safe food products, consumer wares, and the life sustainable environment
April 22nd events Video & Campaign sign-on on Memorial Day May 29 as a T-Ask Note to Science to Stop Our   Body & Mothers’- Milk Storing of  Food & Consumer Products Toxic         Substances & their Transfer 
         from Mother to Child. 
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 Events History & Bio-Accumulation 6 min Video
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